Divorce Proof Your Marriage

This is why a man is to leave his father and mother and stick with his wife, and they are to be one flesh. Genesis 2:24 CJB

The Pharisees trying to push Yeshua (Jesus) over the edge asked about divorce in Matthew 19:4 “Is it permitted for a man to divorce his wife on any ground whatever?” CJB

Divorce is a common practice in our society. Movies, television, radio, and the internet are filled with ways to end a marriage. Many programs will advocate marriage as a waste of time. Our society is working overtime to push marriages over the edge and destroy our homes, happy or not, as they attempt to redefine marriage calling God a liar.

Years ago, to get divorced in America, a person needed to give a reason for a divorce. Now in most states a couple may get divorced based on the no-fault laws simply put we have ‘Irreconcilable difference’. (Few things truly match the definition of an irreconcilable difference.)

Marriage is very important! And was designed by GOD to be wonderful and life long! With God’s design for marriage in mind, it’s important to resist the forces that work against the will of God in our marriages. We need to divorce-proof our lives!

What things can be done to divorce-proof a marriage? How do those things line of with the Word of GOD? Or since divorce is permitted according to Moses (see Deut 24:1) is divorce proofing a marriage a waste of time?

 (Modern day ‘irreconcilable differences’ to ancient days ‘whatever’ your version may read for every cause.)

9 thoughts on “Divorce Proof Your Marriage

  1. A divorce proof marriage is one that is committed. It has to be committed to success: a successful partnership and success in God. Committed to faithfulness. Committed to communicated properly (speaking and listening). Committed to forgiveness. Committed to be compassionate.


    1. The true ability to communicate (not just speaking, like ‘Hey’ once or twice a day) requires at least one person to be sincerely interested in the other. When one spouse is interested in their mate communication is easier. But not a given. If the one being spoken to doesn’t care about the concerns of the communicator eventually the concerned will stop trying and will become just as unconcerned as the other. Until someone or something else fills that need (that something is becoming more and more social media. A lonely spouses cyber friends will meet the innate needs of sharing & fulfillment.) But when both husband and wife are sincerely interested in the other, then their communication becomes a source of strength, joy, and excitement emotionally, spiritually, financially, and physically. Everyone wins! The children if any learn to share their enter most thoughts so now the children aren’t powder kegs ready to implode (suicide) or explode mass murderers.


  2. A divorce Proof of marriage is one we’re both spouses have good communication skills and also seeking out godly advice from married couples and seeking God’s advice as well marriage is something that everyone should want out of life


  3. A divorce proof marriage is one where both spouses are committed to YHVH and His Word. One that though there are differences, the couple doesn’t just give up. They seek wise counsel from successfully married couples to help them find godly solutions to working through the issues.


  4. A divorce proof mariage has God at the center. There is a commitment to one another’s happiness and a vow to love, trust and protect one another.
    A divorce proof marriage means that at the end of the day there is forgiveness and a willingness to see things from a different point of view.


  5. There are a few things we can do to fail proof our marriages. One is to make sure that you remain faithful to your spouse and GOD. You must communicate and be of one mind. You must prefer one another and give to each other. And you should never let the sun go down and you are still angry. You must be friends. You must be responsible, reliable, and respectful. I can go on and on!


  6. To not divorce someone is to not give up on them. It takes forgiveness and a willing heart to not push the other away. God says that he is married to Israel. In all that Israel has done, he has respected his vows to her. I think that it’s impossible to be selfish in a marriage. When you become Wed, you are joined to another person. You can no longer think only about yourself, and want to push the other away based on your selfish reason. Jacob respected Leah even though she deceived him to become his wife. Even through that, he remained faithful to her.

    I think that marriage takes commitment: a will to continue to honor and be faithful. I think that it takes respect and forgiveness. It takes compassion and a will to not give up. No matter the reason.

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