Wash Me

How many times have you gone to a restaurant and complained because the tables were too clean? Or how many times have you gone to the county fair with hopes of experiencing the port-a-john? Those are probably two things you have never done!

I travel a lot for work and I often stop at rest areas. When I see the cleaning crew, I make it my business to thank them for the great work they do. Usually, when I tell them, they are shocked that someone appreciates their work. I really do.

Being clean is something we should desire in ourselves and appreciate in others.

David is praying in Psalm 51 and he petitions God to completely cleanse him. He doesn’t just want to look clean, he wants to be clean! Clean on the outside and clean on the inside.

To be thoroughly clean, is a process. It takes intention. It takes determination. It requires open and honest dialogue with ourselves, our community, our God!

Being clean isn’t something that is based on how other people view you. Unless, you are only looking for the praise of people.

If you are seeking God’s approval it is not enough to have people say you are acceptable. The one that matters is God.

King David is not request God make him acceptable to the people. David wants God’s approval! He understood that this is a something only the Almighty can do.

But he is also aware this is a joint effort. He acknowledged his sin, without justifying his actions. He knows he can not see God’s in peace even after he had stopped sinning if God did not clean him.

May you be acceptable in His sight! He doesn’t have our low standards. He said to be holy because He is Holy see Leviticus 19:2 or maybe you prefer the New Testament then see 1 Peter 1:16.

This Shabbat may you come clean in live in the light of our Salvation, Yeshua Hamashiach! And He look at you and say, ‘Well done!’ Matthew 25:21.

Shabbat Shalom! Pray much! Love More!

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