Are you Using Your Tools Properly


Once again evolution has failed humanity. We haven’t developed in such a way as to not need outside resources and tools. It doesn’t matter what your occupation or who you are, we all need tools to help us navigate to a successful life. Imagine a heart surgeon without a scalpel, how would that doctor preform heart surgery? He certainly couldn’t use the side of his hand or wishful thinking to open his patients chest. Take a painter who is without a canvas? How could she bring her imagination to life? Now imagine a writer without words? The list goes on and on.

What about your walk with God? Did you know we need tools to be successful in Yeshua? It takes tools to help other people come to the knowledge of God. You can’t just look at them and grunt then they respond, ‘All that the Lord says do, we will do.’ More importantly than just having tools is a working knowledge of how to use the tools we have. A brick in the hands of the ignorant could brakes windows. However, that same brick in the hands of a skilled individual becomes part of a something wonderful, a school, or an office building, maybe it’s used to establish walking trails, or it could have become part of fireplace providing warm and beauty. The options are only limited by the users imagination and comprehension level.

GOD has given us tools. Prayer, fasting, bible study, music, and commentaries are all forms of tools used by various people to develop godly lifestyles. What are some of the tools at your disposal that have or are helping you in your walk with Yeshua?

Don’t forget to have a tool and not know how to use it is dangerous, it can easily become that brick in the hands of the ignorant. That tool that could have caused such joy and happiness is bringing pain and misery to those in your way. You may have many tools in chest but are you using them correctly? How do you know? After all you can use a hammer to put a screw into a piece of wood, but how much easier would it be to use the perfect tool for the job?

What are the tools you use to walk in love with your community? How have they been effective? What are some tools you would like to acquire to do your job more effectively? By the way bricks have been used to brick windows to save lives of people trapped in cars, etc.,  🙂


One thought on “Are you Using Your Tools Properly

  1. There are several tools required to follow God, but I think the most important is knowledge of the bible, and the bible itself. You can’t have the bible only be able to quote verses, you have to be able to give context and fit it into many situations. Another tool would be a support system, meaning a teacher or congregation you can point others to as well as being a place for you to fellowship.
    I need to be able to understand the bible and all the complexities behind the stories and relate them to my life. When reading the bible it can feel like reading a story instead of a book that guide’s my life.


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