I have YouTube! 

Imagine if you will, living in a world were information is a thought away. A world were knowledge is abounding and technology is so advanced that one device could serve dozens of functions. What if a person wanted to learn how to ride a bike that he or she could watch a video and learn. Or being in a world where, if a person wanted to learn another language they could sign-up for free class and learn a language from the comfort of their home in pajamas. Wow! What kind of world would that be? Maybe, even time when a person could even learn biblical truths from the recordings of people that died before you were born? What a world! Wouldn’t that be great? 

That technology is here now! I can listen to people smarter than I am teach anything. I have a phone I can listen to the Bible in a dozen different languages and translates, as I am stuck in rush hour traffic. I can go online and download videos, audios, and transcripts of great men and women expounding the word of God from places I have never visited. 

Is that sufficient? Is it enough that I heard and read the Bible, or that I study and learn on my time when it’s convenient for me? Or is there more to this? 

What if YouTube was around when Moses told the people to sanctify yourselves because in three days God is going to visit us (Exo 19)? People would have said make sure you have you IPhones,  so I can watch it when I’m ready. News flash God does not change and He is not awed by technology. 

Yeshua said to learn of Him. God told Isaiah to tell the people come together to reason with God. The writer of Hebrews tells us not to stop fellowshiping with one another, He 10:25. 

You say, “Wait! I have YouTube and that was then. It’s a different world. We don’t have to actually shake hands, and gather together to learn, we can have virtual meetings, cyberfriends, #’s and thumbs up, right?”

It is true, we can learn anywhere. Technology is awesome! This posting proves it. I am writing this blog on my phone, in my van, in a parking lot.  I even listen to my Bible and other teachers when I drive and read the Bible on my phone when waiting at the checkout when I am a lone. This is not to knock the advancement of science, no at all. 

However, does this ability cause the verses like Hebrews 10:25 and Acts 15 to be old school? Or Moses, Samuel and Yeshua who taught face to face to the masses, outdated? Or at least the attendance to those events obsolete and nessecary?

What is the purpose of gathering together as a families, communities, or a nations? What is your role in that gathering? I know people who won’t miss a funeral even for people they didn’t like, a class reunion, or an office party, but gathering with people to worship God, I can do that by myself. 

What is the purpose of gathering together? If it is only for learning. And if only for learning, why do teachers come to a place that is only for learning?

(Again this is from my car, in a parking lot, I will edit it later.)

2 thoughts on “I have YouTube! 

  1. From the beginning of the time of our creation Elohim said it is not good for man to be alone (Gen.2:18) and I am in complete agreeance. In my experience when my husband and I first came to the knowledge of Torah, this revelation was delivered from a book- not THE book; after some time of serious self conflict(Heb. 4:12) we eventually began observing the festivals listed in Lev. 23. However, we knew we weren’t satisfied celebrating with just our own family, although we had great memories. Being a social person, I had experienced a bit of loneliness during certain festivals. Who could we have turned to when our friends/family went through a season of distancing themselves from us as well as we had to them? All of our learning was from studying the Scriptures, from books, and online teachers. My husband and I began to pray asking our Heavenly Father to open the doors for us to find a loving congregation to attend. We so desired to fellowship with other believers and be encouraged to know we weren’t the only family on earth worshiping the most awesome Creator of the universe – the way He asks – through His Word, without tweaking it our way. Their are many reasons to fellowship in person. For instance, many opportunities to serve the living God present themselves in faith based communities. You have the example in Eden, loving your neighbor as yourself, our children need friends in a safe environment, young men and maidens need to be in a surrounding where they may potentially find an Elohim fearing spouse, adults can learn and grow spiritually together. Not to mention lastly, but never the least we joyfully sing “הִנֵּה מַה-טּוֹב, וּמַה-נָּעִים– שֶׁבֶת אַחִים גַּם-יָחַד.” – Tehillim <<*
    Psalms 133:1 Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!

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