What’s your signs?

Often the people who claim to believe the Bible read it as if it is just another book? Maybe a Mystery? How will it end? What happens next?  Or a Romance Novel? Awe, he really loved her! A science journal, where the evolution of the world is told. Sometimes it is read to reinforce what a person believes to be true. Like the three wise men that came to visit baby Jesus. I picked that one because although nowhere in the Bible, does it state there were three wise men. It doesn’t even hint at the number of people. However, people will base their entire doctrine on that truth, that truth that does not exist.

People read the Bible and read it again. Some people read it not because they believe it, they simply want to have a rebuttal for the people who bam on their door during the game, pushing their three verses down the throats of whoever opens the door. Those people remind me of Mamma bird feeding the chick. You get the picture. Others read the Bible as literary work of antiquity, it was just on their bucket list…

Unfortunately, many of the people who claim to believe the Bible and almost all of those who read the Bible for a rebuttal, or just because, close the pages unchanged. Is it enough you read it? Is it enough that you have a copy on your bookshelf or an app on your device? Some will say, ‘But I read it!’ And that is good. Yes, you should read it. Please, by all means, read the Bible, read it cover to cover! But this is not about the importance of reading the Bible.

This is about applying it to your life, Leviticus 18:5 live by God’s instructions. We should not read, close it, then put the book away and continue through life without any change. If a person reads to just have a rebuttal, do you realize the emphasis it places on treating people with dignity and respect, in loving your neighbor as yourself? Do you still treat people with contempt? Since you don’t believe. You don’t have to be a believer to know you cannot escape the consequences of your actions. That’s why people believe in karma, what goes around comes around. Does a person have to believe in God or the Bible to see the benefit and truth in Loving your neighbor?

Those who read it as a literary work, don’t you see the significance of protecting the rights of those who don’t have a voice? After all, you want those in authority to protect your rights, don’t you?

This is to the Bible believers. Does your life reflect the belief in the Word of God? What if you read the Bible, asking the questions? Questions like “How do I apply this to my life?” “What would be an indication to me that others are applying the Bible in their lives?” “Am I reflecting these traits?” How would your life improve it you began to implement your Bible reading into your everyday life? When questions like these are applied to our lives we begin to see ourselves differently and we see others differently. If we see others as people made in the image of God how quick would we be to write them off. If we see others as people needing the mercy of God has we need His mercy, how quick are we to forgive? If say we believe is that belief evident in our speech, manners, appearance, customers, etc.,

Take for example Colossians 3:23, ‘Whatever work you do, put yourself into it, as those who are serving not merely other people, but the Lord.’ How would having that thought of serving God running through your mind influence your attendance at work, school, study, chores to name a few. How would it influence your treatment of others like your spouse, your children, grandchildren, co-workers, employees, the person at the counter where you do business?

I ask you, how do you know you are a Bible believer, is it because someone shook your hand? Or is because of your trust and actions? Are you a hear (reader) only of the Bible? Or are you a reader and doer of the Bible? (See James 1:22) Or do you think that since you can do everything, doing nothing is best? God knows my heart.

What do you think? Is applying the Bible just theory? What are the signs you are applying God’s word to your life?

6 thoughts on “What’s your signs?

  1. You asked a challenging question. “Does my life reflect the belief in the Word of God?”. Sometimes it does, but I know I need to work harder on this around my family. It is a question I really need to consider through out my day.


  2. Applying the Bible to anyone’s life is not a theory. Granted some things are not currently applicable because the temple is destroyed but for the most part, everything is basically tangible for people of today. God cares so much about us that he gave us instructions on how to live that would protect us, bless us, and give us the chance at long life all the while working on a relationship with Himself and the people around us. Unfortunately people pick and choose what to apply and take verses out of context manipulating God’s word for themselves and other people.


  3. It is sad how far away from truth many people are. I have family members who hold a title in their church but can’t show you to the truth of God’s word. My “sign” and goal is to live by the integrity of God. I am in constant reflection of actions because I have little people who depend on me and will one day be me one day.


  4. This article causes you to reexamine yourself. I had a conversation this weekend asking a person do they really believe the Bible to be true if they don’t do what it says or even read it. The person responded saying they know there is truth in it but they prefer the truth they’ve “written” for themselves. We can’t force people to see the value in the Word. We just have to show them we value it by living it.


    1. I agree, we can’t force people to see the value in the Word. But we have the responsibility to show people the value of walking in His ways. And they will not see a value in hypocricy. They have to see us valueing God in our lives.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Let’s continue on to holiness!


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