Did You Miss It

Shavuot in The Park 2018 was such a great success! We prayed, praised Elohim, studied the living word of God, played, laughed and we ate!

All praise is given to Avinu (Our Father) for His great mercy and tender care. On the Tuesday before our celebration, I was told, by afew well meaning people, that it was going to rain Sunday. I simply replied ‘Oh?’ Then I reminded them that God has the final say-so.

The weather was awesome! It didn’t rain, the sky was fairly clear with a cloud or two here and there, the humidity was low (Baruch Hashim), and temperature was in the low 90’s. Did I mention the bugs? Oh, that’s right, there weren’t any! What kind of God is He! No bugs at a park! Oh I remember there was one flying insect. It didn’t stay long. Before we really got things on-the-way, someone at the festivities mentioned all we needed was a cool breeze. A few seconds later, you guessed it… The Cool Breeze! Wow!

Well, you may not be aware of this, Beit Emet is a Messianic Karaite ministry. This year that meant our count for the 50th Day or the day after the 7th Shabbat was slightly different. Most people in attendance actually had kept Shavuot the week before. You wouldn’t have known we had differences in how we counted. You wouldn’t have known we didn’t all know each other before that beautiful day in the park. Why should you? When we focus on differences we dividing our selves from God and each other. We need to zoom in on what we have common! That’s how we allow God to bring unity and health.

What you would have known by just seeing is is that we all share a genuine love for each other. You would have known we had all things common. You would have understood that we were friends and family. You would have known we love God. I don’t know which one you consider to be a greater value friends or family, regardless we are both, good friends and a loving family.

The only problem I had was one couple, I won’t say any names, they know who you are, brought chocolate! Boo! Who brings chocolate!? Fortunately, other people were looking out for me and they got rid of it before I could smell it. Curious, I didn’t see any in the trash. I wonder what they did with it? You would have thought there were giving money away, people were flocking to them.

This year our theme was ‘A Circumcised Heart’ we openly discussed what it looks like to have a circumcised heart and what a circumcised heart is not. During our last teaching one of the baby’s asked if you cut the heart out and then what will I use?

That question was awesome! The youth are listening! They are watching and paying great attention. We must speak, so they can understand what we are saying, apply it, and LIVE! And our children should always be able to openly ask us questions.

So we talked about it from a child’s view. What was the answer? You were there right? Did you miss it? Well, you should have been there!

So thank you so much! Your love, support, and prayers were evident. Our Heavenly Father made it all possible. We had people from about 6 different congregations in one place! It was wonderful!

Next year in Jerusalem and if not in the Park!


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