Torah of the Most High

The Bible is a great book to read. It is the most translated book in the world. Isn’t that nice? However, until the reader takes ownership of the words, it’s another book. What if we made the words apart of our lifestyles? What if those life-giving words, jump off the pages, and entered our very… Continue reading Torah of the Most High

It’s Your Fault I Don’t Take Responsibility 

The Bible and the entire world are filled with events of people not taking responsibility. Wars have been fought because leaders were unwilling to take responsibility for their situations leaving millions dead. Adam and Eve didn’t take responsibility for their actions as individuals and Adam didn’t take responsibility as the head of his house. 

5 Things Love Is Not

Showing love is not the result of a single action. Love is seen through the seriers of events in a person’s life and is a pattern of thoughts and actions. It’s not the sum of one event or action. Although people say, “Only God can judge me” the truth is, we constantly judge one another… Continue reading 5 Things Love Is Not