Shavuot In The Park 2018

A few years ago in my ignorance, our congregation went to a local park for Shavuot. We didn’t plan our meeting place. We just jumped in our vehicles and headed out for fun, games, and Torah study.

We went to a very popular park in our area. Then we found a spot that provided a little shade (very little), the best spots were taken. However, where we parked was close to the swings and slides for our little people to play. The park was packed! It was a beautiful sunny day. A great day to remember the mercy and compassion of our Savior.

Each family had packed lunch and bibles. Shortly after we began our celebration, the park workers came and asked if we had a permit.

Sad to say it but, we did not. And just incase you are wondering why the came to us. It wasn’t because we were loud and disrespectful. We were in a spot reserved by another group. They informed us that to guarantee a good place with a table and some shade we would need to reserve it in advance. If we didn’t need a table, it would have been free.


Anyway. We told them thanked them for letting us know, gathered our belongings and left.

Now what? Where do we go now? The look of disappointment on the children’s parents faces were almost unbearable.

I was embarrassed. I should have known better. But I didn’t.

We ended up at a park 1 block from my house. Why didn’t we go there to begin? I think for it was for two reasons. The first being…The park down the street is typically neglected by the city. But that week, it was looking quite different. We had a blast! We ran and played. Sang and danced! Prayed and studied! All in the presence of Hashem! Oh yeah, we eat! We’re jewish, we always have food!

In case you are counting, here’s the other reason. I needed to learn how things are done. And learn, I did!

That’s was the beginning of our Annual Shavout In The Park.

The following year we planned a head and reserved a small pavilion with tables and benches close to the playground with lots of open space and near a lake. This place was nicer than the place we had to leave the previous year and it was secluded. The only other sounds we heard came from a few birds.

We have been there ever since. Last year our celebration include other congregations. We had people with different beliefs celebrating with us. There were Conservative Jews (non-messianic), Christians, and just some good people who were just curious what is this ‘Shay-votes’ thing anyway.

We all had a blast! Each year our celebration gets larger. This year we’re anticipating more! We’re anticipating more people, more congregations, more teachings, more rejoicing, more food and more of the Glory of God!

Shavuot In The Park 2018 will be Sunday May 27!

Where? More details to follow.

This is RSVP!

Shalom! Looking forward to this great celebration and you becoming a part of our tradition!

Contact us at our website to get more details.

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