His Love

Great is His mercy! His compassion is wonderful, completely beyond our words. Even though He knows we have nothing offer but what He gives us, He loves us! In His love, He causes us to trust His Word & to walk in His Light!

I have heard many people say, ‘they have found God’, almost as if God was lost. We didn’t find Him and He knew where we were.

This Shabbat and every Shabbat, He calls us to delight in Him and to rest in Way.

For some, it seems overwhelming, impossible, something dead or a myth. “Rest?” they laugh saying, “I will rest when I’m dead.”

God is calling us into His rest not because He hates us. It’s because He loves us! When we call what He delights in a joy and we seek Him according to His standard, following His path, not just on the Shabbat but every day in every way, we can then experience times of refreshing.

The people in darkness do not see the love that is in God, they see the people who claim to know Him but live like they live and that is all the reason they need to not change.

Let’s stop being the reason they continue to not trust in the Creator of Heaven and Earth.

Let’s humble ourselves, submit to His Way, pray, seek His Face, love God with passion and love one another! So He can make us ride on the heights of the land and feed us with the heritage of our father Jacob!

This Shabbat let it be about His Holiness, His Truth, His Greatness…Let this Shabbat and every day be about pleasing our Creator!

Sha’alu Shalom Yerushalayim! Shabbat Shalom!

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