​Shavuot in The Park 2017, Thank you

Shavuot, Feast of Weeks, Pentecost, was true a day to remember. We had people from as far away as Bloomington, IN (180 miles away) who drove up before Shabbat to celebrate with us. But wait there’s more! All the families, friends and guest who attended our 1st two Shavuot’s in the Park celebration were a part of this celebration minus 1 family. They were missed so we were blessed with many more people to help minimize the sadness of that of that 1 missed family.
We ranged in age from 93 years to 4 months old! This year we were blessed with 2 babies who had never celebrated Shavuot. And one baby was 3 days old at our 2nd event and was unable to attend last year due to him recovering from his birthing experience. Children are a blessing from God. Thank you God for your love and kindness in granting us children to walk before you. Oh! Almost forgot we had an Unborn with us also. I look forward to him/her being a part of the blessing for our children next year. This year our community hoopah wasn’t largest for all the children there. And we have a large community hoopah!

Thank you God for the fruit of the womb!

We had people who joined who had never kept Shavout to people who keep Shavuot based on the rabbinic counting of the 9th of Sivan or Tuesday of last week. There were people who are from different home fellowships and people from different congregations. What a blessing and a joy!

The people in attendance were Christians, Conservative’s, Hebrew Roots, and Messianic’s alike, who knows what next year brings?

We prayed, rejoiced, studied Torah together. We did blessings, sang songs and danced! Even people like me, the rhythmless nation, danced! Did you? We talked and played. If you were there you were a part of this. If not, there’s next year.

What we didn’t do was fight and bicker. Do we have our differences? You better believe it! However, what we have in common is greater than where we differ.

We agree that there is one God. And that in the beginning, He created the Heavens and the Earth. We believe that God’s word is greater than our own. And we agreed that we do not have all of the answers but each of us are dependent on God, “man doesn’t live on bread alone but every word that comes from the mouth of God!”

Thanks to everyone that made this event possible! We had more food than a little. More laughs than a few. Thank you all!

Thank you to all of those who financially supported this effort!

P.S. The forecast was for rain. I had been watching the weather report since the week before. Each day it was predicted to rain. A few reports had it as high as 80%. I stopped watching the weather report about 4 days before Shavuot. When some people came they mentioned the forecast and I reminded them there is one person who controls the weather and it ain’t ABC.

Thank you is not enough! May the glory of God rest and rule in your lives. May His presence cover you and yours and may He bless you. May The Holy One, blessed is He, bless you with all material things and may He protect you from the worry the bring. May He open up our understanding and show us wonders from His Torah!

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